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Basic services



Cost of translation varies from UAH 30 to UAH 240.;
(The price depends on the language pair and the particular features of the text, subject area of translation, and text complexity)



From UAH 60 to UAH 80;



English UAH 400.00 per hour;
German UAH 500.00 per hour;


Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

Service Lead time Price (UAH)
Apostilisation of documents issued by the civil registry offices (birth certificates, marriage certificates, certificate of name change, divorce, death certificates, extracts) three days; UAH 150 *;
Notarial documents (copies, statements, powers of attorney) three days; UAH 150 *;
Apostilisation of translations three days; UAH 150 *;


Ministry of Education of Ukraine

Service Lead time Price (UAH)
New standard documents ten days; UAH 400;
  three days; UAH 600;
Old standard documents, academic transcripts, doctor’s certificates, doctoral certificates, certificates of a doctor habilitatus, associate professor, professor 30 days; UAH 350;
  20 days UAH 550;


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Lead time: two days; UAH 180;



Ministry of Justice Lead time: three days; UAH 150;
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Lead time: five days; from UAH130 and higher;
Consulate service of the respective country Lead time: at least five days; UAH 600 + consular fee.